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Hangzhou: paradise on earth

According to a Chinese proverb, this city is paradise on earth. Book a flight to Hangzhou and discover magnificent temples and beautiful tea plantations. Thanks to its subtropical climate, Hangzhou has a pleasant climate year-round. Enjoy a boat ride and admire the water lilies in West Lake or visit the historic water village of Wuzhen, which seems frozen in time.

High-quality silk and tea

Located in Zheijang province, Hangzhou has been one of China's main tea growing regions for centuries. Visit the National Tea Museum and have a cup in a traditional tea house. Hangzhou is also historically known as the 'city of silk'. This is the place to buy a high-quality tailor-made suit or dress. Hangzhou is not only the ideal destination for a city trip, but also the starting point for a longer vacation in China. Treat yourself: book a flight to Hangzhou now!

Book a flight to Hangzhou

Culinary delights and peaceful temples

Hangzhou is full of culinary surprises. The city is known for local delicacies such as Beggar's Chicken (chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and baked in clay), West Lake fish in vinegar and deep-fried shrimp with Longjing tea. The city is also known for its many temples. The Lingyin temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in China, located in a quiet valley, surrounded by forest. This is the place to be if you are looking for peaceful reflection.

Flights to Hangzhou for a unique city trip

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